Hash 102 saw the Shiggyduster’s return to Naramata after a yearlong absence. This time Snatchshot was helped in her virgin lay by Long N Hard and Lumpy (JustCole). After some confusion over what number hash we were on chalk talk began. Envelopes were handed out and the hares were on their way.

The pack soon set on in pursuit. Two back checks were quickly found, but it took some time to find the trail since Blowflex, in typical FRB fashion missed the mark. Philthy finally got the pack back on track. The trail began a steep climb on a hill face. Dogsnatcher, despite her acrophobia, managed to navigate the trail with some encouragement from Hard To Swallow.

The trail passed through an orchard and soon came to a bridge. There the pack had a moment of silence in honour of Lumpy getting his lumps.

The next stop on the trail was an idyllic, contemplative, Christian run campground. Children bucolically frolicked. The pack was instructed via envelope to sing a song of Rabelaisian wit. They tried to sing quietly; it was hard to do after CumQuad informed the pack of Blowflex’s preferred method of sexual congress. (on top).

The pack quickly vacated the premises, before they could be kicked out. After meandering through Naramata’s side streets, the trail vanished near the schoolyard. In true FRB fashion CumQuad had blown past the mark. Once again Philty got the pack back on trail. It was all for naught as CumQuad blew by yet another mark. This time Hard To Swallow found the flour placed conveniently at his eye level.

The trail soon led to the Naramata pub.For some inexplicable reason the Aussie of the group didn’t recognize it by smell alone. Indeed he was even heard to ask “Where’s the pub?” as he leaned against the structure. Inside the group had to say their names and sing a song for their beer, a nice jug of Naramata nut brown.

With belly’s full of beer the pack soon began to climb, and climb. They took some pictures, and continued climbing. After some more climbing they soon found themselves (and the hares) at a peaceful beer check.

The hares now joined the pack (after much picture taking) for the descent. After some twists and turns the pack came to a winery. Most of the pack stayed to taste and buy some wine (thanks to Dogsnatcher for extending credit). Meanwhile Goatbag and Hard To Swallow ventured on and climbed a hillock for the hell of it.

The trail now came to the home stretch. The FRBs zoomed their way home along the lake shore. Those who hung back were rewarded with the view of three eagles fighting over a fish. Finally everyone circled up.

Down downs were awarded to:

The hares for a multifaceted trail. Kudos for an excellent virgin lay.

JustNadine for her virgin hash.

Blowflex for missing marks.

CumQuad for missing the pub.

Philthy for missing a hasher’s name.

Hard To Swallow for giving the beer a miss.

Dongsnatcher for her missing “On Ons”

And Goatbag just because there was a beer left.

Next Hash is the Ironhash. CumQuad and Philthy will hare. Starting time is 12 Noon.

The title of the hash is a lyric. Bonus marks to anyone who can name the band, album and song. No google.

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  1. Bag Boy says:

    Wow, you had me at ‘bucolically frolicked’, that was beautiful.

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