[lovingly scribed by Long ‘N Hard]

Meeting at the general store in Kaleden, the pack waited outside the newly sold store. Stinky finally arrived and the hares were in deep discussion about the course. There was some planning still to do. An hour later they rejoined the circle. JustJoanne was welcomed to her virgin hash and the hash was blessed and the hare took off, one on foot, one in car. The pack waited 10 minutes and then bolted off.

Soon to come to the first of many sketchy trails they descended down what we think was a dried up creek bed being led by yes the frp snatch snot…..i think it has something to do with carrying the hashshit…..! Up and Down the pack went until Long N hard missed a mark which sent poor just Ed back to the starting point before hearing faint calls of on on by the FRB who found the missed mark.

After the hold and the pack was back together again the clay bank descent began through cactus and having goat bag miss all the barb wire and trip on some sand and cut up his leg badly on a pine cone…yes pine cone…geesh! A goat we say….hmmm. Once down on the trail the pack carried along with shouts of on on greeting many Sunday walkers on the path. Goat bag needed some first aid and took all of long n hards clean water to clean his wound….but it was for the greater good.

Along the path Speedstick was putting the pack at risk with a found tennis ball. Just ? kicked the ball and took out Just Miranda along the trail. After the apologies were said, one of the hares Stinky was found above…..Just Hugo came down and led Just Ed up the football tire workout to the top. Long N hard and Speed stick were shouting cheers of encouragement to Snatch shot, but she jumped out of the way to not get run over. Yes the beer check was near and the pack was silent went realized it was in the graveyard. Beer was quietly consumed and the dead respected as the pack heading up the hill to the end….but no not yet.

What is this. Another wine check….Crazy Legs vineyard was the next stop where some tasting took place and bottles bought…..and the pack carried on to the end…..but alas once the second hare was found it was realized the best part of the hash was missed. So the group took off to weave through the gardens before the end of the hash was called……
Down Downs were issued to the following:
Hares JustLeslie and Stinky – Backchecks, eroding goatpaths and cacti.. oh my!
JustJoanne – For being a virgin (hasher)
Speedstick, SnatchShot, Long ‘N Hard – For ruining a beautiful photo-op moment with their lewd behaviour.
JustMyranda – For displaying SpasticPuppet behaviour on the trail descent.
JustEd – aka Mr. Safety, still managed to lead the pack off course over a barb wire fence.
Goatbag – For not being very goat-like in his tumble with the pine cone.

2 Responses to “Hash 105 – Kraze Legs Whine”
  1. Bag Boy says:

    I like the name you gave Viki the first time. ‘SnatchSnot’ 😀 Not sure if it was intentional, but truly worthy of an FRB.

  2. SpeedStick says:

    I’m confused; I thought that was her name.

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