On a lovely Sunday, the pack gathered to celebrate running and drinking as usual. What was unusual was that it was only the hare, HeadBanger and SirComesALot, once again living up to his name. GoatBag was busy unloading a cube van of Satan’s tools but promised to be along shortly. The other two decided that they would co-hare together and soon departed.

[half an hour later]

GoatBag arrives back on foot, nearly dead from falling off the back of the cube van, lifting Satan’s tools the past three days and being drenched in a pouring rain while having a cold. I’m sure there was much more but the amnesia has kicked in. He vainly searches for marks and finally finds one and then a bizarre fish-hook pointing at a corner. He has a 50/50 chance and as there is only him, gets it wrong. Play this song again for the next half hour. The last photo we have of him is something out of “The Blair Witch Project”. Rumour had it he hadn’t even gotten halfway through the route having encountered checks, fish-hooks, marks changing sides of the road or just going up an alley without even a mark! The hares finally took pity on him and told him how to run the last 5k to hit the beer check on the lake! About a block from where he started!

They commiserated for about 10 minutes, circled up there and then headed off to the Mug to lick their wounds. Two of the three lived happily ever after.

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