The Quick and Dirty Guide to Haring

This is a quick and dirty (hence the title) guide to running a live hare. It does not pretend to be complete or authoritative. Any additions will be highly appreciated.  I imagine many of the same principles will apply to laying a dead trail or auto hashing (aka “The Fat Boy”) as well. This is not an instruction manual to let you know how we want you must hare, more of just a suggestion guide to let you know what we have found works for us, and what you are responsible for when you hare a Shiggy Dusters Run.

Regardless of the kind of hare you are, there are two things you must do as a hare:

1) Contact the Hare Raiser and inform him of when and where you wish to start. This should be done by Tuesday at the latest on the week of your hare.

The club’s current Hare Raiser is:  Hard To Swallow

Contact email:

2) Contact the Beer Meister and inform him of your plans for:

  • The location of the On-In so that he can ensure there is beer at the circle at end of the run.
  • How you would like him to get the beer check beer to you.  There is no cost to the Hare for the beer check beer, but you will need to contact the Beer Meister who will provide you with the beer for the beer check. You will also want to make plans for getting the beer to the beer check – running with a case of beer may not be desirable!
  • The location for the On-After : he will contact the pub, make sure they know to expect a bunch of hungry hashers, and hopefully coordinate some deals!.

The club’s current Beer Meister is:  Stares Hard

Contact email:

3.) If for any reason you cannot get in touch with the above two contacts by Tuesday on the week of your run, please get in touch with the Grand Master at:

Haring Notes:

When planning your route keep in mind that there should be the possibility for two routes, one for eagles (a longer trail) and one for turkeys (a shorter trail).   A good rule of thumb that will keep the eagles happy is to aim for around 8km of flour, not counting false trails, back-checks, etc.  Turkeys will need something substantially less than this – something around 4km is probably sufficient!   Providing a map to the turkeys may be an alternative to laying two routes.

If your trail is going to be an A to B make sure there are provisions for an auto hash back to the start for those who need it.

Google Earth can provide you with an excellent map but there is no substitute for actually scouting out the ground. I recommend scouting it twice. While scouting it may be a good idea to stash flour in case you run out on the run itself. While scouting look for good beer check areas, good places for falsies, deep rotten bogs, half flooded culverts, or any other kind of check that can slow the pack down.

During chalk talk make sure you demonstrate the full range of chalk and flour colours you will be using. Most marks are already well known by the group but there may be virgins and you may have special instructions. Always assume the pack is inebriated when providing instructions.

Remember that the eagles tend to go as fast as the slowest runner (probably Shunty or Trotsky) so if you are faster than that, a 10 minute start should be enough.  If you are still afraid of being caught lay down a few holds or hymn checks near the beginning.

If you get lost on your own route (it has happened) wing it for a bit until you can find a way to get back onto your planned route.  Shortcut wherever you can, just be sure to mark it well.

In heavy shig I try to lay a mark while I can still see the previous mark. A well marked trail through fun shig is preferable to an ill marked trail on side streets.

On streets the most important places to have marks are at noisy intersections and along noisy streets (yuck). The pack tends to get widely separated when they cannot communicate with voice calls.  If you are not putting a check, make sure that the direction of the trail is clearly indicated. It is better to be brutally obvious at intersections unless it is a check. A good rule of thumb is that the trail should be obvious unless it is a check. At a check there is always the possibility of a falsie.

There is a ton of info on haring on the web as well…a few links of note:

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