Future Events

A short list of a few select events that are currently in the works, but have not yet been scheduled.

We will be sending out details via email, flyers, stickers, buttons, dog pack, interpretive dancers, juggling clowns, etc once we have firm run dates.

1.  Shiggy Dusters CD Release Party

2.  Cherry Pie Run

3.  Maybe Get Back

4.  Blackjack Run

5.  Shiggy Summer Picnic

Our annual Red Dress run should occur sometime in the spring, and we are hoping to convince an large, thirsty entourage of the Shiggy Dusters to come down to the Bloomsday Run in Spokane so that we can demonstrate that running is all about having a good time, socializing, beer, and most importantly – not about the c-word!!!

Also, our preeminent and unparalleled event – possibly the only one of it’s kind, AND our only trophy event: The Dark Horse Century Run is coming up early Summer 2009.  This event promises to be one of the do not miss runs of the year!  Entry in this run will be limited in accordance with the running of the inaugural Dark Horse…10km, 10Hashers, 100Beers.  In order to minimize media coverage, details for this event will only be distributed using a rotating multiple operation Rijndael key schedule – or to anyone who emails…

Looking forward to some great club runs as this year wraps up, and to the fantastic events we have in the works for next year!